De-clutter your living room

Spring weather is finally here! If you plan to spend the weekend doing a little “spring cleaning,” we’ve got some tips for decluttering your bedroom.

• Nightstands can do double duty. Pick a nightstand that offers storage. iFurnishings has several options for rent, as well as in our Clearance Center!

• Use every inch of storage options like the back of your closet door. Command strip hooks work great to organize belts, necklaces and scarves.
• Use under the bed storage bins for seasonal items.
• Purge any clothing and accessories that you have not used in a year, or anything that does not “bring joy.

• Seek out extra room by taking photos of closets and corners and examining them to see what clutter jumps out at you. Where in your room do things seem to pile up?

• Pull it all together with sleek and modern pieces. Look no further than for updated, functional furniture and accessories!

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